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The Riigikogu passed the Resolution “On the Formation of the Riigikogu Study Committee to Draw Up the Development Objectives for the State Reform” (368 OE), submitted by the Social Democratic Party Faction, the Estonian Centre Party Faction, and the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union Faction. It defines the state reform as the reorganisation of public authority, including both the central government, as well as local governments.

The task of the Committee is to monitor and analyse the implementation of the state reform, and the reorganisation of regional administration, and the achievement of the targets set for these. It should also make proposals for the reorganisation of public authority, and review the functions and tasks of the latter, and also assess the impact and sustainability of the steps taken for the purpose of reorganisation.

The explanatory memorandum of the Resolution justifies the state reform by the need to achieve increasingly better results with the limited resources available to the Estonian government. “The need for the state reform has been discussed for years. There are a number of reasons for carrying out the changes; mainly the decreasing population, increasing need for labour, and constantly broadening regional disparities,” the explanatory memorandum says.

The six-member Committee has one member from each faction of the Riigikogu. The members of the Committee are Arto Aas, Helmut Hallemaa, Aivar Kokk, Külliki Kübarsepp, Ivari Padar, and Arno Sild. The authority of the Committee lasts until the end of term of the 13th Riigikogu.

62 members of the Riigikogu voted in favour of the Resolution, 12 were against, and 3 abstained.

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