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At the opening sitting of the autumn session, President of the Riigikogu Jüri Ratas called on the members of the Riigikogu to continue a dialogue with the Estonian people, because only in dialogue can the people’s problems be solved, and problems be prevented.

“A year ago, when opening our previous autumn session, I said that our work must be even more geared towards a dialogue with every person living in Estonia. This goal has not changed. We must continue a dialogue with the people of Estonia about how our people cope, about security, about both mental and physical health, education, economy, and the international situation,” Ratas said. He called on making more effort this year to reach every person. “The people are willing to have more say in the national decisions, and I think that, if we want to strengthen democracy, it is inevitable that the state turn its face more and more towards the people. Only in dialogue can we solve the people’s problems and prevent problems.”

President of the Riigikogu also urged not to be afraid to amend the issues that needed changing in the light of new knowledge. “The world around us is changing fast, and parliament must be the pioneer in the necessary innovations. “We must act smartly and courageously both domestically and in the international arena,” he said, emphasizing that, in the changed security situation, cooperation was paramount. “I am glad that we have been abiding by the principle of consensus in the foreign and defence policy. There is never too much of security, and the war has forced us to contribute more into national defence and to have an active foreign policy.”

He said that the main goals also needed to overlap when taking life forward in Estonia. Among other things he pointed out that the availability and sustainability of public services had become even more critical due to successive crises. “We must make sufficient contributions to healthcare, the social sector and education, as well as to ensuring internal security and national defence. It is the task and responsibility of the Riigikogu to ensure the revenue base and develop the tax policy necessary for this. We should not be afraid of a tax debate, but boldly speak out our ideas and proposals. In dialogue with the people we will be sure to reach the best solutions,” President of the Riigikogu added.

Full text of the speech by the President of the Riigikogu

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