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Chairmen of the European Union Affairs Committees of the parliaments of the Baltic states and Poland, who met in Narva on Saturday, confirmed the cooperation willingness in the disconnection of the Baltic power networks from Russia in order to ensure energy security.

“The disconnection of the Baltic power networks from Russia has already been started. In August, a funding application was submitted to the European Commission for the construction of a third power link between Estonia and Latvia which should be completed by 2020. In addition, three power links between Lithuania and Poland will be needed,” the Chairman of the European Union Affairs Committee Kalle Palling said.

The need to develop a single gas market in the region was discussed at the meeting. The opening of the LNG terminal in Klaipėda, Lithuania, next Monday was highlighted positively. The parties found that the terminal would reduce the dependence on the regional gas monopoly Gazprom and improve energy security in the whole region.

“In order to ensure gas supply for Estonia, as the first step, the Estonian-Finnish gas pipeline Balticconnector will have to be constructed, and then a regional LNG terminal to one or the other side of the Gulf of Finland. It is a pleasure to note that, at the European Council, a step forward was taken in the establishment of a gas connection between Estonia and Finland,” Palling said.

Palling stressed that this week’s decisions of the European Council give Estonian enterprises the security to make investments in the oil shale sector.

The relations between the European Union and Russia and the situation in Ukraine were also discussed at the meeting.

Chairperson of the European Affairs Committee of the Latvian Saeima Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica, Deputy Chair of the Committee on European Affairs of the Lithuanian Seimas Linas Balsys, Chairman of the European Union Affairs Committee of the Polish Senate Edmund Wittbrodt and Deputy Chairperson of the European Union Affairs Committee of the Polish Sejm Andrzej Gałażewski also took part in the meeting.

Photos of the meeting 

The Riigikogu Press Service