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The Chairman of the European Union Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu Kalle Palling and the Minister of EU and EEA Affairs of Norway Vidar Helgesen at their meeting stressed the importance of cooperation in energy security.

“Free market, competition, and close and constructive cooperation with neighbouring countries in the building of connections are what the energy sector of the European Union needs to increase its independence from Russia,” Palling said.

According to Helgesen, Norway is developing and connecting its energy market in the direction of Germany and Great Britain. Palling emphasised the importance of developing a common gas market with Finland, Poland and the Baltic States, and asked Norway to support it.

“The construction of the gas pipeline between Estonia and Finland should start already next year, for that, an application for funding has to be submitted to the European Commission. A LNG terminal situated on one or the other side of the Gulf of Finland will contribute both to ensuring energy security and the development of gas market,” said Palling.

Palling acknowledged Norway for contributing to the successful operation of the energy exchange Nord Pool Spot, thanks to which the cheaper hydro energy from Norway is influencing the energy price paid by Estonian consumers.

The situation in Ukraine was also discussed at the meeting. Estonia is of the opinion that the sanctions against Russia have to remain in force in their present form.

Photos of the meeting 

The Riigikogu Press Service