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The two-day session of the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC) focuses on the sustainable use of and access to space.

Head of the Estonian Delegation Timo Suslov took part in the EISC plenary session, where the sustainability of European space programmes was discussed.

“As international competition in space constantly increases with the implementation of different launch pads, launchers and projects, it is necessary to monitor and act in order to maintain a sustainable European space programme,” Suslov said.

He explained that Estonia had a great potential for participating in the international space programme. To realise these opportunities, it is necessary to enhance cooperation between countries, so that we did not have to buy services from outside Europe when we could technologically develop these services also ourselves.

In his speech, Suslov spoke of cyber security or ensuring the protection of space infrastructure against cyber attacks both on Earth and in space. “For example, Estonia is developing cyber range and the technologies for testing the safety of software,” Suslov pointed out.

It was underlined at the conference that Europe needed a more ambitious roadmap. “European countries need to be much better at procuring innovation and keep up with new ideas,” Suslov explained.

At the end of the conference, a declaration about future action plan will be adopted.

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