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Good morning!

And it is great that there are again so many of us here today. To hoist together the blue, black and white flag on the birthday of the Republic of Estonia. Today birthday is celebrated by all those to whom this country is something more than just a place on the map. This country and this flag are in our hearts. So that today is our birthday for you and me and all of us.

In the Declaration of Independence, which was announced to all nations of the world from the balcony of Endla Theatre in Pärnu on 23 February 1918, its authors promised to build up the state of Estonia and to take us among the civilised nations. They considered it their duty to forthcoming generations, that is, to us. The birth certificate of our country leaves no doubt where Estonia should belong in the opinion of its founders. This declaration is understanding and democratic. It proceeds from the simple knowledge that respect for yourself begins with understanding other people. First of all with understanding, and not condemning.

My head is already grey, and therefore I often think of the Estonia where my children and grandchildren live. I am convinced that they, too, are proud Estonians and at the same time dignified Europeans and citizens of the world. That they know that everything new has to be discovered and not feared. That it is necessary to learn from the past, especially if something has gone wrong. That they would live in the world where people enjoy doing things together. Would live in a country that is open and creating something new. Where there would be no anger and shaking of fists. That they would never be satisfied with what has already been achieved, but would improve the world again and once more and even more. And that they would never have to dream of independent Estonia like their parents and grandparents had to.  Proud, dignified and independent Estonia would be as natural to them as a sunrise or singing with their friends in a choir.

Congratulations to us all once again on our birthday!

The Republic of Estonia was, is and will continue to be.

Eiki Nestor
President of the Riigikogu


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