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On Wednesday, 24 April, there will be a public presentation of the book Estonian Parliament 1917–1940 in the National Library.

The author, Jaak Valge PhD., has written a 700-page study on the early years of the parliament, from the Constituent Assembly until the last sitting of the 6th Riigikogu in 1940.

Valge began the book commissioned by the Chancellery of the Riigikogu in 2015. The emphasis of the book is on the political activities of the Parliament. “This is not a glossed-over study. Estonia’s history in the turbulent Europe of inter-war years is so unique and interesting, full of extraordinary successes but also sorry failures that it would be a sin against history to gloss it over,” Valge explained.

The author found the work on the book fascinating. “The main sources – protocols of plenary sittings and parliamentary committees – were very colourful. Of course, I also used many other sources, including documents in archives abroad,” Valge said.

Jaak Valge is now a member of the new Riigikogu himself, and expects to be recorded in the history of the parliament by future researchers. “I hope to at least appear in an annex that lists all the members of the Riigikogu,” he said.

The book presentation will take place from 4 p.m. until 5 p.m. on 24 April, in the Humanities Reading Room on the 7th floor of the National Library. Jaak Valge will present the book together with its reviewer Meelis Saueauk.

Copies of the book are on sale at the presentation.

E-book Members of the 1st Riigikogu and virtual exhibition Parliament and Time will be presented in the same location from 5 p.m. until 5.30 p.m.


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