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Today at 11, the latest issue of Riigikogu Toimetised (RiTo) will be presented in the Riigikogu Exhibition Hall at Toompea. The new issue focuses on state reform.

Entrepreneur and economic expert Raivo Vare, Auditor of the National Audit Office Eva-Maria Asari and Head of Research at the Foresight Centre Meelis Kitsing will participate in the panel discussion held at the presentation of the new issue. The panel will be led by Editor-in-Chief of RiTo Mart Raudsaar.

“The state reform is necessary because the state of Estonia has not yet been completed. Citizen’s transactions with the government have to be simple and conducted in one place, involve as little red tape as possible, and use the possibilities provided by e-governance,” Editor-in-Chief Mart Raudsaar explained the importance of state reform.

The new issue of RiTo views the state reform from different perspectives. The key article is contributed by the Foresight Centre, and describes the scenarios arising from the governance report of 2018.

Entrepreneur and economic expert Raivo Vare wrote an essay on the state reform. Member of the 9th–13th compositions of the Riigikogu Andres Herkel contributed an article about the Study Committee to Draw up the Development Objectives for the State Reform. Political scientist Alar Kilp wrote a summary of the work of the Study Committee.

The article on e-services and i-elections by Research Fellow at the Institute of Government and Politics at the University of Tartu Mihkel Solvak, article on the cohesion of the society by Project Manager of the Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership Aimar Altosaar, and the overview of direct elections of the President of the Republic by Member of the Council of ICON-S CEE Ero Liivik also relate to the focus topic.

Teacher of Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies of the University of Tartu Rein Toomla wrote about the recent elections of the Riigikogu. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Riigikogu, the new issue of RiTo includes an article introducing the e-book published to commemorate that. The book compiled by the National Library contains the biographies of all members of the 1st Riigikogu.

RiTo can be bought in Tallinn at the Parliament Shop at Toompea and the Estonian National Library. The journal can be subscribed to at the RiTo website. All articles are also available on the website immediately after publication.

The presentation of Riigikogu Toimetised will be streamed online.


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