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At the flag hoisting ceremony on the National Flag Day of Estonia, which was held this morning at Toompea in Tallinn, the President of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) Eiki Nestor said that the three colours of the flag – blue, black and white – are in the hearts of the people of Estonia and can be worn with rejoicing and gladness.

Nestor recalled a day in 1967, when he and four classmates of him had gone to school, wearing flannel shirts that were in the colours of the Estonian flag. After the first lesson, they spent the break in the Deputy Headmaster’s room, where the boys gave their word that when they wear blue, black and white checked shirts to school in the future, they would do it one by one and not all together. “Today we can wear these colours, and rejoice and be glad,” Nestor said.

When the national anthem of the Republic of Estonia was played, the national flag was hoisted at the Tall Hermann Tower by the representatives of the Estonian School in Helsinki (Latokartano Basic School), the Estonian Female Song Society and the Young Eagles of the Estonian Defence League. All three flag hoisters were presented the flag of Estonia.

Chairman of the Estonian Flag Association Jüri Trei also delivered a speech, and Archbishop of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church Urmas Viilma said the words of blessing. The Archbishop said that the hoisting and lowering of the flag has a deep meaning. He added that as long as the blue, black and white flag rose at the Tall Hermann Tower and was lowered there, we could be sure that everything is all right with our country.

The choirs of the Estonian Female Song Society and the Orchestra of the Estonian Defence Forces performed “Hoia, Jumal, Eestit” (”God Protect Estonia”, music by Juhan Aavik, words by Aleksander Leopold Raudkepp) and “Eesti lipp” (“Flag of Estonia”, music by Enn Võrk, words by Martin Lipp).

The Flag Duty Team of the Estonian Defence League, scouts, guides, academic organisations, several societies and associations with their flags also took part in the festive ceremony. .

On the 132nd anniversary of the national flag of Estonia, everybody can visit the Tall Hermann Tower from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Photos of the ceremony.

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