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The Minister of Social Protection Kaia Iva replied to the interpellation concerning the social insurance crisis (No. 349), submitted by members of the Riigikogu Maris Lauri, Jüri Jaanson, Arto Aas, Kalle Laanet, Lauri Luik, Remo Holsmer, Liina Kersna, Terje Trei, Kristen Michal, Heidy Purga, Kalle Palling and Laine Randjärv on 12 April.

The interpellators referred to the social insurance crisis that had been reflected in the press where the money intended for rehabilitation had run out in the first two weeks of the year and therefore people would remain without support and service. No more people who need help will receive rehabilitation – or special welfare service, because the funds are lacking.

The interpellators wished to know from where additional funds were going to be taken to cover the rehabilitation needs this year, and when exactly these funds were going to be directed to cover the cost of the rehabilitation service.

Kaia Iva explained that there was a plan to use two sources of additional funding this year. “First, we will direct funds into the rehabilitation service system from the funds of the European Social Fund to the extent of one million euro. Second, we are planning budget amendments in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance to keep the waiting lists for service at a minimum. In that regard, negotiations and planning are ongoing at present,” Iva said.

She added that, on the basis of a forecast drawn up by the Social Insurance Board, they had submitted an additional application for a state budget allocation to the extent of 3.05 million euro for the following year to increase the base budget. “At present, a one-off partial additional funding was fixed in the State Budget Act. This means that unfortunately the base budget would not increase according to that,” the minister noted.

It has been agreed with the Ministry of Finance that the base funding will be reviewed after an analysis by the Social Insurance Board and the assessment of the impacts of the consequent changes. We will review the possible use of the funds of the Social Fund next year at the end of this year when it will be clear whether and how many persons of working age will continue to need the rehabilitation service of the Social Insurance Board.

The Minister of Finance Sven Sester replied to three interpellations. They were the following: the interpellation concerning taxes and health behaviour (No. 348); the interpellation concerning the excise duty on heavy fuel oil (No. 354); and the interpellation concerning the funding of the Song and Dance Celebration (No. 364).

The sitting ended at 4.59 p.m.

Verbatim record of the sitting (in Estonian):

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