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Chairperson Liisa Oviir and Deputy Chairperson Terje Trei of the Women’s Union of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) participate in the Women Political Leaders Global Summit in Reykjavik, where among other things, the impact of women leaders on politics will be discussed.

“The first female President of Chile Michelle Bachelet has said: When one woman is a leader, it changes her. When more women are leaders, it changes politics and policies,” Liisa Oviir said. In her opinion, the Estonian society is ready for change of politics and policies, which is also proven by the fact that last year a woman was elected the President of Estonia for the first time.

Oviir thinks that the need for change of politics is more important than readiness. “In comparison to the European Union average, Estonia has greater gender inequality. This hinders economic development, and also the growth of social welfare and security. We are a small society, and using of the strength of each person, regardless of their gender, for the benefit of the society is the key of our success,” Oviir emphasised.

Terje Trei stressed that the women who had entered politics needed support. “Women got the right to vote only one hundred years ago, and this shows that politics is a new sphere for them,” she said. Speaking of the summit, Trei added that such global meetings should let women in all countries know that it was important to cooperate and to support each other.

According to the organisers, the Women Political Leaders Global Forum (WPL) annual summit is held in Iceland because this land of fire and ice demonstrates that gender equality does not have to remain a theory, but can become reality. The WPL annual summits offer the opportunity to exchange best practice of leadership, legislation and politics. It is also possible to participate in political dialogue that reflects the impact and points of view of female decision-makers.

The summit started yesterday and will last until Thursday. Today, President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid will also participate in the WPL Global Summit and speak about the success story of digital Estonia.

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