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The Chairman of the Estonia-Egypt Parliamentary Group Oudekki Loone and member Erki Savisaar, together with Chairman of the Estonia-Africa Parliamentary Group Mart Nutt are concluding their visit to Egypt today. They met with the Mayor of Cairo and representatives of the parliament, the ministries and the Estonian Embassy, consistently emphasising the need to strengthen the relations between the two nations.

“We were happy to see that the relations between Estonia and Egypt are gaining strength,” Loone said. She sees the visit of the Parliamentary Group as a proof that Estonia and Egypt are continuing on a common path to strengthen economic and trade relations in an environment where democracy and protection of minorities is cherished. “We are very impressed by Egypt’s efforts in their fight against poverty and in ensuring equal opportunities for the most vulnerable members of the society,” Loone said. She added that the two parties also discussed speeding up the Egypt tourist visa procedure for the Estonian citizens.

Mart Nutt, Chairman of the Estonia-Africa Parliamentary Group, highlighted how important it was that Egypt as a leading regional force supported Estonia’s candidacy in the UN Security Council. “We hope that this support will serve as an example for other countries of the region in making the same choice,” Nutt said. Nutt also presented the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a Letter of Appreciation from the Estonian President for the support given to Estonia’s candidacy.

Member of the Group Erki Savisaar described the economic reforms in Egypt as remarkable. “We witnessed an increasing interest and willingness in improving the functioning of the state with the help of information technology,” Savisaar said. “There was great interest in the Estonian e-state, and we hope to see an increased cooperation in that field”. Savisaar added that Egypt is very interest in cooperating with Estonia also in fields like wood industry or waste management.

Parliamentary groups help the MPs communicate with other national parliaments, carry out Estonia’s foreign policy, and promote our country around the world.

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