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Member of the Estonian delegation the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly (OSCE PA) Jaanus Marrandi will monitor the presidential elections in Russia on 18 March as an international election observer.

“Election monitoring is one of the main ways the members of parliaments can use for sharing their experience and knowledge to support the democratic developments in a country,” Marrandi said. “I look forward to going to Russia so that I could give my contribution as an observer and follow the development of domestic democratic processes in Russia.”

“Members of parliaments will observe whether the elections are fair and transparent. And also whether they meet the requirements for free elections as set out in the Copenhagen Document of 1990,” Marrandi explained.

Marrandi will work on the same team with the Norwegian parliamentarians and they will monitor the elections in the close neighbourhood of Moscow. Before the observers are divided into two- and three-member teams, thorough briefings, meetings with political candidates, non-governmental organisations and international experts are held.

The OSCE PA has observed ten elections in Russia since 1993. This time, there will be 90 OSCE PA observers from 30 countries. Their activities are coordinated by OSCE PA Vice-President Marietta Tidei from Italy. It is a part of the 420-member international mission.

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