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Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and head of the Estonian delegation to the PACE Marianne Mikko was elected rapporteur of the PACE Monitoring Committee for monitoring Turkey. Nigel Evans from the United Kingdom, a member of the European Conservatives Group, was elected the co-rapporteur.

In Mikko’s opinion, the situation in Turkey is serious. “150 journalists are still in prison, people are being imprisoned. Therefore, the activities of the political elite of Turkey have to be followed much more closely,” Mikko said.

“The report is based on the position that Turkey has to follow the principles of the rule of law, democracy and human rights 100 percent, not more or less. Today, the situation in Turkey seems to be such that the opposition forces have no other possibility than to march in the name of justice,” Mikko said, and pointed out as an example that the justice march from Ankara to Istanbul had the same symbolic value as Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt March 100 years ago.

In April, the PACE decided to open the monitoring procedure on honouring of obligations and commitments in order to strengthen cooperation with the authorities of Turkey. The rapporteurs will prepare a report on the respect for human rights, the freedom of the media and expression, and the principles of the rule of law in Turkey.

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