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The Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) appointed Andres Herkel to continue the work on the report of member of Russia’s PACE delegation Robert Shlegel “Co-ordination for efficient Internet governance”. The report deals with abuse of the Internet and the legal framework for restricting it.

The report was initiated by Schlegel in 2013, but was discontinued when the rights of the Russian delegation to PACE were suspended in January 2015 in connection with the military activities in Ukraine.

“The former rapporteur visited Brazil and the island of Bali during the preparation of the report, I would like to finish this issue sooner and in a simpler way,” Herkel said. Herkel thought that probably the emphasis of the report, laid by Shlegel, would have to be changed.

Today evening a current affairs debate with the title “Reaffirming the role of the Assembly as a pan-European forum for inter-parliamentary dialogue and co-operation” will be held at the session of the PACE in Strasbourg. “This topic has been seen as a hidden attempt to probe the possibilities for restoring Russia’s rights,” Herkel said.

Besides Herkel, the head of Estonia’s delegation to PACE Marianne Mikko and member of the delegation Mailis Reps also participate in the summer session of the PACE taking place in Strasbourg, France.

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