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This week, the members of the Estonian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) are in Strasbourg, France, where they take part in this year’s third part-session of the Assembly. The session’s main topic will be the situation of war refugees and human rights defenders.

Head of the Estonian delegation and Vice-President of the PACE Marianne Mikko said that the session will begin with the election of the new President of the Assembly. “After that, the session will focus on the humanitarian situation of refugees in the countries neighbouring Syria and the protection of human rights defenders in Council of Europe member states,” Mikko said.

The extra-territorial processing of asylum claims and the creation of safe refugee shelters abroad, striking a balance between the best interest of the child and the need to keep families together, forced marriages in Europe and new restrictions on NGO activities in Council of Europe member states will also be discussed.

Also on the agenda are the extraordinary presidential elections in Azerbaijan, the persecution of LGBTI people in the Chechen Republic, the deliberate destruction and illegal trafficking of cultural heritage, and empowering women in the economy.

On Tuesday at 1.30 p.m., the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian delegations to the PACE will hold a reception dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the independence of our countries at the Council of Europe building in Strasbourg. In the evening, there will be a church concert where the Lithuanian orchestra performs the works of the composers of the Baltic States.

Members of the Estonian delegation at the PACE summer session are Marianne Mikko, Tiit Terik, Andres Herkel and Jaak Madison.

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