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This year, the Baltic Assembly (BA) Prize in Arts was awarded to meditative documentary essay “Bridges of Time” (2018) by Kristīne Briede and Audrius Stonys, which was co-produced by Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian studios and portrays the less-remembered generations of cinema poets of the Baltic New Wave.

President of the Baltic Assembly and Head of the Estonian Delegation to the Baltic Assembly Aadu Must said that awarding of the Baltic Assembly Prizes each year provided an excellent opportunity to assess and promote the best achievements in literature, the arts and science in the three Baltic States. “The documentary “Bridges of Time” is the best example of the close and extremely fruitful cooperation of the three countries,” Must added.

The BA Prize in Literature was awarded to Lithuanian novelist, poet and essayist Birutė Jonuškaitė for her novel cycle “Maranta” and “Maestro”.

The Baltic Assembly Prize in Science was awarded to Dr. Roberts Eglītis for his work cycle “Theoretical predictions of new materials for energy storage and harvesting”.

The Baltic Assembly Prize consists of a monetary prize, a certificate and a statuette.

The members of the Joint Jury of the BA Prizes were outstanding specialists in the fields of literature, the arts and science from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Baltic Assembly has been awarding the Prizes in literature, the arts and science since 1994. The aim of the prizes is to promote outstanding achievements and to support the development of these fields in the Baltic States. Creation of opportunities to learn about the achievements of neighbouring countries, demonstrating the mutual interest of the countries in this region to uphold their national identity and self-esteem, and supporting outstanding achievements in literature, the arts and science strengthens the cooperation between the Baltic States and encourages people’s interest in the intellectual values and languages of the Baltic nations.

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