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Today and tomorrow, Head of the Estonian Delegation to the Baltic Assembly (BA) Aadu Must will participate in the work of the Presidium of the BA in Latvia. He will also participate in the work of the BA Consultative Council together with the members of the Estonian BA delegation Krista Aru, Monika Haukanõmm, Sven Sester, Urve Tiidus and Rainer Vakra. There are many issues relating to promoting of cooperation on the agenda, including also changing of clocks.

Aadu Must said that the Baltic Assembly would most probably propose that when the daylight saving time was ended, the three Baltic States should remain in the same time zone. Speaking of other topics on the agenda, the Head of the Estonian Delegation stated that the Assembly had set itself the aim of preparing an ambitious roadmap for the Eastern Partnership countries and presenting it to the Western partners. “We also need a common vision in the field of research and education in order to speed up the cooperation of the Baltic States regarding higher and vocational education programmes,” Must said. He also acknowledged the signing of the Agreement on the Automatic Recognition of Diplomas and Degrees in the Baltic States in June.

Chair of the BA Education, Science and Culture Committee Krista Aru highlighted the agreement of the Ministers of Culture of the Baltic States to found the Baltic Culture Fund as a positive result of the work of the Baltic Assembly. “The purpose of the Fund, which is established thanks to the Assembly, is to support the cultural projects of the Baltic States that uphold their national identity and self-esteem as well as promote achievements in culture,” Aru said. It is planned to acknowledge the agreement of the minister in Jūrmala.

The Presidium of the Baltic Assembly will discuss the documents that are to be adopted at the coming 37th Session of the BA and the positions of the 24th Baltic Council. The Presidium will also review the agenda of the Latvian Presidency and the draft of the work plan. Besides the Presidium, the chairpersons and deputy chairpersons of all Baltic Assembly committees are in Jūrmala to sum up the activities of the last year and discuss the cooperation topics of the coming year.

The Baltic Consultative Council, where the BA Presidium and the chairpersons and deputy chairpersons of the committees meet with the representative of the holder of the BA Presidency Lithuania in order to plan the future cooperation between the Baltic Governments and Parliaments and approve the Joint Statement of the Baltic Council of Ministers, will also be held in Jūrmala.

The Baltic Assembly is an international organisation that promotes cooperation between the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian parliaments. It was founded on 8 November 1991 in Tallinn.

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