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The President of the Riigikogu Eiki Nestor met with the Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs Luvsanvandan Bold on Wednesday and discussed the role of Internet freedom and social media in democracy, and the political participation of the youth.

“Democracy has undoubtedly been strongly influenced by the spreading of Internet and the arrival of social media. It is important for young people to participate in politics, and social media is one way of achieving this,” Nestor said after the meeting. Bold stressed the importance of Internet freedom and social media, and the participation of the youth in politics through these means.

“I am also very happy that the Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasised the country’s definite wish to apply the Estonian e-government solution,” Nestor added.

Bold invited the President of the Riigikogu, as well as the Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Enn Eesmaa and member of the Estonia Mongolia Parliamentary Group MP Margus Tsahkna to participate at the high level Internet freedom conference which is to take place in Mongolia next year.

Eesmaa raised the issue of Mongolian relations with the EU, while Mongolia confirmed its interest in tightening bilateral relations with the EU as well as Estonia. Mongolia, who shares a border with China and Russia, sees Estonia as one of the EU countries whose practical experiences would be of most use.

Tsahkna broached the subject of the possibilities for Estonian companies to enter the Mongolian market, especially in the context of offering IT-solutions.

The two parties also discussed communication between the Estonian and Mongolian parliaments, as well as legislation, democracy and the crisis in Ukraine. Both parliaments have parliamentary groups for conducting bilateral relations.

Photos of the meeting can be viewed here.