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Today the members of the National Defence Committee of the Riigikogu, the Parliament of Estonia Marko Mihkelson, Ants Laaneots, Ain Lutsepp and Madis Milling attended the visitors’ day of the Exercise Trident Jaguar in Eametsa, Pärnumaa at the invitation of the Commander of NATO Special Operations Headquarters Lieutenant General Brad Webb.

According to the Chairman of the National Defence Committee Marko Mihkelson, special operations capability is a rapidly developing component of NATO joint exercises, to which the command post exercise that recently ended in Estonia also gave its contribution.

“Joint exercising of special operations units and capabilities at NATO level is a relatively new experience for the allies,” Mihkelson said, and added “The training that took place in Pärnu was the first exercise of this kind that was held outside the Special Operations Headquarters home base in Belgium.”

In Mihkelson’s opinion the holding of a command post exercise of NATO special operations centre in Pärnu shows Estonia’s high reception capability.

NATO special units have a key role in the rapid solving of crises in modern warfare, at the same time they also support conventional capabilities like the land, naval and air forces.

NATO special operations exercises were held in Eametsa in Pärnumaa from 20 to 27 April. The Commander of NATO Special Operations Command is Lieutenant General Brad Webb, who was himself in Pärnu.

This is the first time an exercise of this kind was held outside Mons in Belgium, where NATO Special Operations Headquarters are located and where also the members of Estonian special unit serve. The preparation and smooth conducting of the exercise was guaranteed by the Command of the Estonian Special Operations Force and the Support Command.

Photos of the Visitors’ Day.

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