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The National Defence Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) expresses its support to Estonia’s participation in the world fair EXPO in Dubai. The companies belonging to the Estonian Defence Industry Association as well as other innovative companies of Estonia are interested in participating in Dubai Expo. The Committee decided to forward its position to the Government.

Chairman of the National defence Committee Hannes Hanso said that the Committee had adopted its position by consensus. “We must go there as a state, and be represented,” Hanso emphasised. “In Estonia, we have several smart and innovative sectors of economy, and it would be foolish to let the work and efforts our companies have up to now done in the Middle East go to waste by not participating in the Expo.”

Having heard the representatives of the Ministry of Defence, the companies and the Defence Industry Association, the Committee found that the Government should support Estonia’s participation. The Committee found that the benefits of taking part in the Expo would outweigh the amount of the necessary expenses several times.    

“Taking into account the peculiarities of the Arab region, we know how important it is that the support of the government to participation in the Expo would be ensured,” Hanso said. “Besides that, Estonia has decided to open a diplomatic representation in the region.”

Member of the National Defence Committee and Chairman of the Estonian Defence Industry Support Group Margus Tsahkna has no doubts about the necessity of going to the Expo, and thinks that not attending would mean serious damage to Estonia’s reputation. “Not participating in Dubai’s Expo would give the whole region the message that Estonia is not interested in economic contacts. It will directly damage the development of our economy, and would not be dignified behaviour towards the organisers,” Tsahkna said.  

“The aim of Dubai as the organiser is that all countries of Europe would participate in the world fair,” Tsahkna added. “It has taken the Government of Estonia very long to make a decision on participation, and at the moment there is such a situation that all countries of Europe, except Estonia, have informed of their participation.”

Member of the National Defence Committee Johannes Kert pointed out that Expo was the most visited fair in the world, where we could show all participating countries and the visitors what our companies were capable of doing. “Considering the cultural characteristics of the region, I recommend to invest in the development of mutual relations continuously and consistently,” he said.

The Committee was told that the participation would not focus only on defence industry, because the region was looking for smart solutions, and companies having the capability to create smart solutions that others do not have, in all sectors. Besides the Estonian Defence Industry Association and the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications, the cluster Smart City is also interested in participating in the Expo. The companies of the Defence Industry Association that have specific interest in the markets of the region represent the producers of unmanned systems, cyber defence companies, producers of means of communication, and providers of smart border guard and military medicine solutions.

The Expo in Dubai will take place from October 2020 to April 2021.

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