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The National Defence Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) is preparing a report on the security situation in the Baltic and the Baltic Sea region and the necessary steps NATO should take for increasing deterrence capability.

Chairman of the National Defence Committee Marko Mihkelson thinks that in the context of the coming six months, it is crucial that Estonia would be as well prepared as possible for the NATO summit held in Warsaw next July.

“It is of great importance to Estonia that significant progress would be made in regard to the agreements achieved at Wales Summit,” Mihkelson said. “Therefore, during the next months the National Defence Committee will also focus on assessing the regional security picture and NATO deterrence capabilities.”

Mihkelson recalled that the security of Estonia mainly rests on two pillars – independent defence capability and NATO’s collective defence.

Mihkelson believes that it is important to consider all ideas and issues in order to achieve political support for the activities of the Government. In his opinion, the fundamental positions of political parties in regard to security do not differ, but it is essential that the role of the parliament could be felt in this work.

“No matter who defends the interests of Estonia, and at which international meeting it is done, it would be easier and better to do it with the support of the National Defence Committee of the parliament,” Mihkelson said.

In the framework of the preparation of the report, the Committee has visited Germany and Sweden. Also, several hearings have been held in the Committee, and it has been decided to continue with them. Additional visits are being planned as well. In order to draw up the conclusions of the report, the National Defence Committee is ordering a study on the topic “The Activities of NATO in Strengthening the Strategic Balance in the Baltic Sea Region”.

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