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At its today’s sitting, the National Defence Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) focused on the results of NATO’s Warsaw Summit.

Chairman of the National Defence Committee Marko Mihkelson emphasised that from the point of view of ensuring the security of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, the significant decisions adopted in Warsaw had a long-term perspective and strengthened our common defence and deterrence capability. “NATO passed historical decisions that bring here constantly rotating, at least battalion-size battle groups of the allied forces. This strengthens both our defence capability and our deterrence capability. The presence of the combat units of several NATO countries in our region shows the unity of the Alliance in protecting the integrity of the territories of its member states, which proves the real strength of Article 5,” Mihkelson said. “In order to implement the political decisions sooner, it is now necessary to solve the issues relating to the logistics of the presence of NATO units and the developing of infrastructure.”

Mihkelson stressed that the decisions passed at the NATO Warsaw Summit have a long-term impact on strengthening of the defence capability of Estonia. Estonia will proceed from them in preparing its defence and deterrence posture, and they will be a basis for the further activities of the National Defence Committee.

Minister of Defence Hannes Hanso gave an overview of the results of the NATO Warsaw Summit at the sitting of the National Defence Committee.

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