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Chairman of the National Defence Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) Andres Metsoja and member of the Committee Johannes Kert attend the security forum of the national defence committees of the parliaments of the Baltic States and Nordic Countries, Poland and Germany in Sweden. The forum will focus on strengthening the security of the region.

The topics on the agenda of the meeting include discussions on creating resilience in societies, and on developing the European Defence Fund.

“Increasing of the Nordic-Baltic cooperation is extremely necessary, keeping in mind the regional security situation, and it should be developed further,” Metsoja said. “We think that information exchange should be made more effective both in situation awareness and in reacting to potential crises.”

The discussions held today seek an answer to the question what the resilience of society means. Supply security, and cooperation between the states and the defence industry companies will be spoken about.

“It is important to promote the competitiveness and innovation capability of Europe in defence sphere in close cooperation with NATO. We see the need for Defence Fund, and the opportunities for organising research activities in defence industry and cooperation that would develop common defence capabilities,” Kert said.

The participants of the security forum will also get an overview of the developing of defence capability in Sweden.

The annual meetings of the National Defence Committees of the parliaments of the three Baltic States started in Lithuania in 1998. Since 2011, the delegations of the parliaments of the Nordic Countries and Poland have also been taking part in these meetings.

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