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Speaking at the security seminar held in the Parliament of Denmark today, Chairman of the National Defence Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) Marko Mihkelson said that Europe is facing two very serious and long-term security challenges – the Islamic extremism fuelled by the idea of the Caliphate embodied by the Islamic State, and the revisionist Russia that is making space for itself in the world with aggressive behaviour.

“Europe has to understand that the time for cashing in the dividends of peace is long past. Tectonic changes in the security environment are taking place before our eyes and force us jointly to contribute much more to collective defence and ensuring the security of the continent,” Mihkelson said.

“Europe must rise to the protection of its values and freedoms, because otherwise the work of generations in creating a unified Europe may collapse,” Mihkelson said.

At the seminar, Mihkelson introduced Estonia’s view of the changes that have taken place in the Baltic Sea region as a result of Russia’s aggressive policy, and pointed out important issues connected with preparing for the approaching Warsaw summit of NATO.

“NATO allies have done much in reacting to the emerging threats, but dynamics requires us to move on. The alliance must create such visible deterrence in the Baltic Sea region that cuts down any threat of unbalancing the stability and security of the region at the moment it emerges,” Mihkelson said.

The security seminar was organised by the delegation of the Danish Parliament to NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Minister of Defence of Denmark Peter Christensen and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Uffe Ellemann-Jensen also spoke at the seminar.

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