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The fundamental principles for drafting the National Security Concept of Estonia were presented to the National Defence Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) today. The renewed concept takes into account closer coherence between different areas.

Chairman of the National Defence Committee Marko Mihkelson said that the National Security Concept which had been drafted in 2010 had successfully withstood the test of time, but the document had to be updated to correspond to the present situation.

“The central principle of the renewed document is that Estonia will defend itself in any case and against no matter how strong adversary,” Mihkelson emphasised. He said that Estonia considered its own security and the security of its allies indivisible and had to be prepared for both.

Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Sven Mikser considered it important that the drafting of a new fundamental security policy document was for the first time led by the Government Office, which enabled broader treatment than before and increased the sense of ownership of all government agencies in regard to the National Security Concept.

Mikser emphasised that the principles and content of the fundamental security policy document that was in force at present were in every way meaningful and relevant in today’s tense security situation, and he acknowledged the continuity of the basic values of the Estonian security policy since the restoration of independence twenty five years ago.

Both committees found that the security of Estonia did not pertain narrowly to military security only, and that security was ensured by coordinated foreign and domestic policy activities. Therefore it was considered important to involve also other specialist committees of the Riigikogu in the discussion of the National Security Concept.

The National Security Concept is a basic guideline document that outlines the security concept of Estonia, covering all areas that are important for ensuring the security of the country.

The main purpose of the Estonian security policy is to guarantee the independence and sovereignty, territorial integrity, constitutional order and the safety of the population of Estonia. The document that is being drafted says that the security policy is the basis for being secure, which creates preconditions for the consistent development of society.

The principles for drafting the National Security Concept were presented to the committees by the Margus Kolga, Counsellor of the 2nd Division of the Political Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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