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At today’s meeting of Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Sven Mikser and Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister Ahmed Fathalla, the focus was on the Middle East peace process and the issues relating to the moratorium of West Bank settlements.

“We are of the opinion that the European Union must speak in one voice to find solutions to the Palestine–Israel conflict and to continue the peace process,” said Mikser.
Ahmed Fathalla for his part stressed that the continuing conflict is to nobody’s benefit because the deepening problems only increase the number of the poor and discontent who see terrorism as their only way out and this is a threat to the whole world.
Israel established a moratorium on West Bank settlements in November 2009 but decided to continue construction activities in September 2010. In Fathalla’s words, this precludes the conclusion of agreements between Israel and Palestine and deepens the crisis in the whole region.
Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee Silver Meikar also participated in today’s meeting.
The Riigikogu Press Service