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At its meeting yesterday, the Monitoring Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) called for the monitoring procedure in respect of Turkey to be re-opened in order to strengthen its co-operation with the Turkish authorities. At the April session of the PACE, it is planned to adopt the report on the situation in Turkey, which was approved yesterday in Paris.

The PACE Monitoring Committee’s co-rapporteur on Turkey Marianne Mikko expressed concern about the situation of democratic institutions in Turkey. “Eight months after the failed coup in Turkey, we can say that 150,000 civil servants, one quarter of judges and prosecutors, one tenth of the police force, 30 per cent of the staff in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 5,000 academics have been dismissed. Freedom of the media is also violated, which means banning critical journalism,” Mikko said.

“In May last year, 154 MPs, including 93 per cent of the members of the pro-Kurdish party, were stripped of their immunity. This has seriously restricted the work of the Turkish parliament, especially the opposition,” Mikko pointed out.

Co-rapporteurs on Turkey Marianne Mikko (Estonia) and Ingebjørg Godskesen (Norway) will present the report on freedom of the media and expression and respect for the principles of the rule of law in Turkey at the PACE session in April. Current state of the constitutional amendments and the functioning of democratic institutions will also be discussed.

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