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At the meeting of Chairman of the European Union Affairs Committee Marko Mihkelson and Chairman of the Estonia–Turkey parliamentary group Evelyn Sepp with the Minister for European Affairs and Chief Negotiatorof Turkey Egemen Bağış, bilateral relations of the two countries and opportunities for development of economic cooperation were discussed.

Mihkelson emphasised the importance of the relations of Estonia and Turkey for both parties and confirmed Estonia’s support to further enlargement of the European Union and also to Turkey’s efforts in that respect. Mihkelson pointed out that accession to the European Union has been beneficial for Estonia; it has helped promote the Estonian economy and expanded people’s opportunities to move and study. Mihkelson also spoke about Estonia’s further goals, the main goal being accession to the euro zone.

In Egemen Bağış’s words, his visit had two objectives, namely, to thank Estonia for its support in Turkey’s accession negotiations with the European Union and to speak about further cooperation. Bağış asserted that Estonia and Turkey are in good mutual understanding and friendship. Bağış said that the accession negotiations are important for Turkey, they urge Turkey to make efforts, to carry out reforms and to advance democracy in the state.

Bağış also mentioned the importance of promotion of economic relations of Estonia and Turkey. In Bağış’s words, Turkey is considering the possibilities of starting direct flights between the two countries in order to help develop closer business relations between Turkey and Estonia. In Bağış’s opinion, Turkish enterprises have wide opportunities for activity in Estonia.

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