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The meeting of the Baltic Assembly and the Nordic Council in Iceland focuses on the war in Ukraine. In addition to Ukrainians, representatives of democratic opposition from Russia and Belarus are also sharing their experiences and seeking solutions. The Deputy Head of the Estonian Delegation to the Baltic Assembly (BA) Sven Sester and Member Anti Poolamets will speak on behalf of Estonia.

Sven Sester emphasised that as Ukraine is preparing for the winter ahead, it absolutely must win the war and that all the like-minded countries must also make every effort. “Winning the war is the only way to stop the Putin regime. What Ukraine currently needs the most is military aid and training, and because the winter is coming, also warm clothing. Military and humanitarian aid are needed until the last Russian soldier leaves the Ukrainian soil,” Sester stressed. “At the same time, the whole of Europe must continue pressuring Russia with sanctions, for example starting with visa sanctions against Russian citizens,” he added.

Member of the Estonian Delegation to the BA Anti Poolamets underlined that on the one hand, Ukraine needs urgent military aid, and on the other hand, inclusion into European cooperation formats. “The Ukrainians are fighting for all of us. Their fight for territorial integrity and independent democratic rule of law is also Estonia’s fight. It makes sense for Estonia and the other Baltic states to act as the bridge to help the Nordic countries towards a better understanding of Ukraine as well as the oppositions in Belarus and Russia, to make sure that the aid provided to them is as efficient as possible,” Poolamets said. He added that he was in favour of continuing to involve both the oppositions from Belarus and Russia as well as representatives of Ukraine in the meetings of the Baltic Assembly and the Nordic Council in the future.

Representatives of the Nordic and Baltic parliaments are also discussing the region’s energy security and energy cooperation at the meeting, which takes place on 4–7 September.

The Baltic Assembly is a consultative cooperation organisation of the parliaments of the three Baltic States which discusses issues of mutual interest. Estonia is represented in the Assembly with a 12-member delegation of the Riigikogu.

Photo – the delegation also visited the residence of the President of Iceland on Sunday. Photo: Chancellery of the Riigikogu

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