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Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Marko Mihkelson and Chairman of the National Defence Committee Mati Raidma met the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Frank Rose in the Riigikogu on Wednesday. Mr Rose confirmed the commitments made to allies.

“High representative of the US Department of State confirmed the support of the USA to its allies. USA will definitely fulfil its commitments made to its allies,” Mihkelson said after the meeting.

Mihkelson, Raidma and Rose discussed the ideas of USA and NATO on limiting conventional weapons, as well as US plans on setting up an anti-missile defence system in Europe. Rose confirmed that there was no direct link between the anti-missile shield and the agreement on nuclear programme achieved with Iran. Rose explained that the agreements reached with Iran concern the nuclear programme of the country, not the capacity of Iran’s ballistic missiles, and that the USA will continue with its programme.

Mihkelson emphasised the importance accorded by Estonia on re-launching the conventional weapons consultations between USA and the three Baltic states. “These issues are definitely indirectly linked to frozen conflicts, which we also need to get under control,” Mihkelson added.

Raidma emphasised the importance of continuing Baltic air policing, and reiterated Estonia’s willingness to contribute to air policing in an efficient way, as required.

Rose is responsible for weapons’ control; among other things, he is conducting negotiations with Russia in the fields of nuclear and conventional weapons and space weapons.

Photos of the meeting can be viewed here