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On Wednesday morning, the Foreign Affairs Committee discussed the political conflict in Ukraine at its sitting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet; the consensus was that the European Union has an important role in helping Ukraine find a way out of the crisis.

“Ukraine is a big European country with a population of 45 million. Today, the country is on the verge of a disaster. The European Union disposes of sanctions against specific individuals, but at the same time it must also show the country the way out of the situation. This large country and economy, and its people who see political discussions as a dead-end, cannot be left in isolation,” said the Chairman of the Committee Marko Mihkelson, commenting the discussion.

The European Union must send a clear signal to Ukraine that if Ukraine will one day fulfil the Copenhagen criteria it will be accepted as a European Union candidate country and can advance to a Member State from there. At the same time, the deteriorating situation in the country calls for financial aid, Mihkelson said.

The Committee discussed, together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and officials of the Ministry, Estonia’s positions concerning Ukraine, because a relevant high-level diplomatic meeting will take place in Brussels today, which in Mihkelson’s opinion could impose sanctions or threaten to do so.

Members of the Committee expressed their concern about the loss of lives in the Ukrainian conflict as well as about the interruption of the negotiations. The Vice-Chairman of the Committee Enn Eesmaa said that in order to avoid further victims, prominent non-political figures respected by the Ukrainian people should address the nation and remind it that there is more at stake at the moment than making a crucial choice between the East and the West. Member of the Committee Sven Mikser said that although reaching a political solution in Ukraine is becoming more and more difficult, a high-level conciliator that suits both parties should be found in order to continue the negotiations.

Today, Marko Mihkelson is in contact with the parliaments of several neighbouring countries to learn about their views regarding Ukraine.

Photos of the Committee meeting can be viewed at.