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Today, the Foreign Affairs Committee discussed the organisation of vaccination with the Minister of Health and Labour Tanel Kiik, and Minister of Foreign Affairs Eva-Maria Liimets, as well as Estonia’s plans concerning the acquisition of new vaccine doses. 

The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Marko Mihkelson was happy to learn that Estonia ranks among the European Union leaders in vaccination speed, and that proactive efforts are made in numerous directions to cover our need for vaccines, also in cooperation with diplomats. With some concern, however, he pointed out the forceful influencing activities which are playing an increasing role where vaccines are concerned.

“Vaccines have become a key tool in mostly Russia’s influencing toolbox and information warfare,” he said. “Estonian press plays an important role in countering this type of influencing activities and spreading clear messages, and is increasingly gaining ground as an information channel for the local Russian-speaking community. It was gratifying to hear that good progress has been made during the virus crisis in furthering communication with the Russian-speaking community and sharing information with them. Now we need to keep this up,” Mihkelson said.

The Head of Strategic Communication at Estonian Government Office Hannes Krause also took part in the sitting and gave an account of vaccination related influencing activities and ways to block these.

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