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The Standing Committee of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) at its meeting in Vilnius today unanimously adopted a statement condemning the nerve agent attack orchestrated by Russia that took place in Salisbury in Great Britain on 4 March.

In the statement, the Standing Committee of the NATO PA expressed its solidarity with the United Kingdom and condemned the heinous and unprovoked attack, the first offensive use of a nerve agent on Alliance territory and a clear violation of international norms and laws.

In the opinion of the Head of the Estonian delegation Marko Mihkelson, it is very important that the statement clearly points out that Russia is connected with the attack.

Mihkelson also considers it important that the statement calls on Russia to cooperate with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) investigating the attack.

“Russia’s aggressive anti-West behaviour, which is expressed in essentially continuing the Cold War, is totally unacceptable. The countries of the West should keep that in mind and extend the common policy of exerting pressure that should first of all involve restricting the strategic economic interests of Russia. Disturbing of intelligence network and implementation of the Magnitsky List are not enough to make Russia end the Cold War against the West,” Mihkelson said.

The Standing Committee of the NATO PA is the governing body of the Assembly and consists of the heads of the delegations of 29 NATO member states, the President and the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary General and the Treasurer of the Assembly.

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