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Member of the Estonian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA), member of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) Oudekki Loone participates in the visit of the NATO PA Committee on the Civil Dimension of Security to Doha in Qatar, where they will have meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of State for Defence and the Minister of Economy and Trade of Qatar.

Loone said that although Qatar is not a member of NATO, it participates in several operations together with the allies. “Considering the situation in the Gulf Region, it is very important to hear Qatar’s vision of the new situation in the Middle East, keeping in mind the success of the Syrian government troops in the Syrian Civil War and the Russian-Iranian-Lebanese intervention against ISIS,” Loone added.  

The relations between Qatar and NATO and the defence cooperation will be discussed at the meetings of the NATO PA Committee on the Civil Dimension of Security held from today to Thursday. Security in the Gulf Region and war in Syria and Iraq, and other regional security issues are treated separately. Besides that, the rivalry between Tehran and Riyadh, and how today’s Iraq fits into that context, will be spoken about.

The counter-terrorism strategy of Qatar will be discussed as well. The members of the Committee will also be given an overview of the role of parliamentarianism in Qatar, internal political dynamics in Qatar and the issues relating to the protection of human rights.

It is also planned to visit Al Udeid Air Base, which is located 35 km from the capital of the country Doha, and the headquarters of the broadcaster Al-Jazeera.

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