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Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) Sven Mikser attended the two-day meeting of the chairmen of the foreign affairs committees of the parliaments of the Nordic Countries and the Baltic States in Stockholm. The discussions at the meeting focused on the situation in Ukraine and Syria, migration crisis, fight against terrorism and the future of the European Union.

Mikser stressed at the meeting that Russia’s aggression in Ukraine shows the need for the greater presence of allies in the Baltic States. “Vladimir Putin seems to believe that Russia enjoys regional military superiority in the Baltic Sea region. Therefore, there is a risk that Putin’s strategic miscalculation may release a conflict that nobody wants,” Mikser said.

Mikser emphasised that the best measure for preventing such a situation is the political unity of the member states of the European Union and NATO, and strong military deterrence position in the region.

Speaking of the situation in Syria, the chairmen of foreign affairs committees expressed concern that Russia’s military intervention in support of Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria may escalate the conflict even more and intensify the refugee crisis.

The chairmen of the Nordic and Baltic foreign affairs committees also discussed the further developments of the migration crisis that has hit Europe.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Margot Wallström, who spoke at the meeting, underlined that now, when there is so much uncertainty in the world, Europe’s solidarity is more important than ever before.

The next meeting of the chairmen of the foreign affairs committees of the Nordic and Baltic parliaments will be held in Estonia during the first six months of 2016.

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