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The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu Marko Mihkelson and the Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces Lieutenant General Riho Terras will represent Estonia at the service of commemoration to mark the end of combat mission in Afghanistan, held at St Paul’s Cathedral in London today.

“For us, the Afghanistan mission has been the most complicated of our missions so far, and with the greatest number of victims. But during it, the members of the Estonian Defence Forces proved their high professionalism and good capacity for cooperation with our allies. The allied relations that were strengthened in Afghanistan are a priceless foundation for guaranteeing our security in a neighbourhood that is becoming increasingly complicated,” Mihkelson said.

The commemoration ceremony marks the end of the operations of the UK Armed Forces in Afghanistan, and pays tribute to the contribution of the units of the UK Armed Forces and all others who served on the mission in 2001–2014 to make Afghanistan a safer and more stable country.

The memorial service at St Paul’s Cathedral in London will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Members of the Royal Family of Britain, headed by the Queen Elizabeth II, and the Prime Minister David Cameron will also attend the ceremony.  

Riigikogu Press Service