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Today the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) received an overview of the latest developments connected with the Estonian ship guards detained in India from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and noted that keeping the problem under international attention would be of help in freeing them.

“The Foreign Affairs Committee wants to keep the issue under constant public and international attention, in order to achieve a positive solution in the case concerning the defence of our citizens as soon as possible,” the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Hannes Hanso said.

In Hanso’s opinion, it is extremely important that the state of Estonia uses all possible means to protect its citizens.

Hanso said that the work Estonia does to protect its citizens is of increasing importance because the citizens of our country travel a lot in the world, and unfortunately can get into situations where they need help.

Undersecretary of Legal and Consular Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Marina Kaljurand gave an overview to the Committee about the circumstances connected with the detention of the Estonian ship guards in India.

The Supreme Court of India discussed the case of the Estonian ship guards at the end of April and in the beginning of May, but went on summer vacation without reaching a verdict. Kaljurand said that the Supreme Court of Estonia will make a decision in the case of 14 Estonian ship guards after their vacation that ends in June. The Estonian ship guards were detained on 18 October 2013. At the moment they are not allowed to leave India.

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