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At its video sitting today, the Foreign Affairs Committee approved the Foreign Policy Development Plan 2030 by a majority vote, and presented its own position on the Plan. 

The Chairman of the Committee Enn Eesmaa emphasised the need for the Development Plan to be a flexible and open document. “In light of the current crisis, it is particularly important that the Development Plan is not set in stone but can be complemented and changed as foreign or domestic factors change,” he said. The Chairman also thanked various representative bodies and Committees of the Riigikogu whose proposals on the Development Plan had been taken into consideration by the Foreign Affairs Committee in shaping its position.

The Deputy Chairman of the Committee Marko Mihkelson said that the Committee acknowledged this first ever comprehensive development plan on Estonia’s foreign policy. “As a small state, Estonia is vulnerable to global changes. This makes a common wording of foreign policy objectives crucial and helps us to act in a more systematic way in an increasingly complex international environment,” he explained. Mihkelson also remarked that the Committee is strongly advocating for the involvement of the parliament into the creation of the strategy on Estonia’s foreign relations, and for presenting an implementation review of the Development Plan to the Riigikogu once a year.

The position of the Foreign Affairs Committee stresses that the Foreign Policy Development Plan must be viewed in conjunction with relevant strategies, all of which should be regarded as one whole. 

The Development Plan concerns the foreign policy activities of Estonia until 2030 and covers the importance of our security policy, development cooperation, and sustainable development, strengthening foreign economic policy, involving the Estonian diaspora, efficient consular services, and strong foreign service. The implementation of the goals of the Development Plan falls into the remit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Foreign Policy Development Plan will define the foreign policy goals and the activities for their implementation, support the implementation of strategic documents on foreign policy, plan foreign policy activities and resources, and introduce a strategic planning management system that creates the conditions for transferring to performance-based budgeting in 2020. The corner stones of the Development Plan are a strong foreign service and Estonia’s increased stature and influence.

The Foreign Policy Development Plan 2030 draft will be discussed at the plenary sitting on Tuesday, 19 May, starting at 10 a.m. The sitting is streamed live on the Riigikogu home page and in Facebook.

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