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At the video conference today, chairs of the Foreign Affairs Committees of the Parliaments of Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary discussed international and regional cooperation. The discussion focused on the developments in Belarus, the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the occupied East Ukraine, and the possibilities for contributing to increasing regional security together.

In the opinion of Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) Enn Eesmaa, current international situation is so multi-layered that is necessary to cooperate with the allies in your region.

Eesmaa underlined the importance of parliamentary diplomacy in contributing to the resolution of international problems. “I think that the parliamentarians of our region should be committed to supporting the citizens’ initiative in Belarus,” Eesmaa said.

Eesmaa admitted that it had been nice to hear about his colleagues’ positive attitude towards the Three Seas Virtual Summit and Web Forum scheduled to be held on 19 October under the leadership of Estonia. “We are very satisfied that the Three Seas Investment Fund has become operational, which enables to continue with the connectivity projects important for the region,” Eesmaa added.

President of the Riigikogu Henn Põlluaas, who said the words of welcome at the beginning of the meeting, stressed that trust was the basis of international cooperation. “Trust, resilience and connectivity should be the keywords of our future plans,” he emphasised.

Põlluaas acknowledged that the corona pandemic had changed many things for us, but the main problems remained the same. “We, the legislators, should request that each member of the global community adhered to international law. The use of brute force should be condemned and punished, regardless of the size of the perpetrator,” he said.

Põlluaas added that today our countries were facing several common challenges. “Traditional Christian European values, national identity and the right of sovereign states to decide for themselves – all this has been put under doubt to a large extent in recent years”, the President of the Riigikogu noted. Põlluaas believes we should seriously think about these issues.

The video conference was convened by the chairs of the Foreign Affairs Committees of the Parliaments of Latvia and Poland.

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