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Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) Enn Eesmaa hosts the chairmen of the foreign affairs committees of the parliaments of the Nordic and Baltic cooperation format (NB8) at a video conference today. The discussion will focus on the impact of the coronavirus and the spread of disinformation.

Eesmaa said that at today’s meeting, recent political developments and the unity and security of Europe in the context of the spread of the coronavirus would be spoken about. “The crisis has shown us clearly how important the cooperation between states is. Unity of the European Union was put to test, but now we can look back on what happened, and try to shape a common understanding of further actions and potential security threats,” he pointed out.

The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee emphasised that in the current crisis situation, it was important to recognise the spreading false information and to be aware of the dangers connected with it. “In troubled times, deliberate spreading and using of misleading information emerges as an urgent issue. Discussing the practices and lessons of national parliaments, and exchange of experience are certainly very important for achieving good results in fighting against information operations,” Eesmaa

The Nordic and Baltic chairmen of foreign affairs committees meet twice a year to discuss the current regional and international topics. The next meeting of the chairmen of the foreign affairs committees of NB8 will take place in autumn, and Iceland will be the host country.

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