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At today's sitting of the Finance Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia), all motions to amend the state budget that had been submitted by the factions of the parliament were reviewed.

“The Finance Committee decided to support the proposals regarding the state budget in the amount of altogether 6.5 million euro,” Chairman of the Finance Committee Remo Holsmer said. “The Committee partially or fully supported the proposals made by all six factions.”

“From the investments to different regions of Estonia, I would like to point out as the largest the investments of 90,000 euro to the reconstruction of the common sports ground of Tartu Descartes School and Tartu Hansa School, 50,000 euro to the reconstruction of Türi kindergarten, and 50,000 euro to the founding of Arvo Pärt music garden in Paide,” Holsmer said.

“As to the organisations and professional associations, the Finance Committee decided to support the Estonian Olympic Committee with 1.4 million euro, the Estonian Paraolympic Committee with 50,000 euro, and Estonian Public Broadcasting with 250,000 euro for international sports broadcasts,” Holsmer said.  “75,000 euro was allocated to the Estonian Children’s and Youth Diabetes Association for buying insulin pumps, 50,000 euro to the Women’s Shelters, 50,000 euro to the Estonian Cancer Society for prevention and counselling, and 40,000 euro to the Estonian Volunteer Rescue Association.”

“In addition to that, the Finance Committee supported the motion to amend the state budget submitted by the Government, according to which 5.6 million euro will be allocated for educational expenses. This budget amendment will contribute to the increasing of the salaries of teachers by about 6 percent next year,” Holsmer said. “Additional financing of research and development activities has been discussed during the budget debates in the Riigikogu. According to today’s decision of the Finance Committee, additional 4.4 million euro will be directed to the financing of research and development activities and the innovation programme next year,” the Chairman of the Finance Committee said.

The Finance Committee also made a consensus proposal to conclude the third reading of the state budget.

The third reading of and the final vote on the State Budget for 2016 Bill (103 SE) is scheduled for the plenary sitting of Wednesday, 9 December.

More information: Remo Holsmer, +372 503 3673

Photos of the sitting of the Finance Committee:

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