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At Question Time of the Riigikogu, Minister of Justice Maris Lauri replied to Andres Metsoja’s question about the problems of the new Register of Buildings.

Metsoja pointed out that the software problems relating to the new Register of Buildings, which had been taken into use on 30 May, made it impossible for local governments to meet the deadlines for processing building permits. Minister of Justice Maris Lauri acknowledged that this was indeed a major problem. “First, it must be admitted that the previous Register of Buildings was also not very user-friendly and had become seriously outdated, and besides that, the old register had another very big and bad feature – it simply was a huge security hole. In the current security environment, when Estonia is basically attacked every day, it is unacceptable to leave a major register vulnerable. This is one of the reasons for proceeding with that process, although maybe longer testing should have been considered,” the Minister explained.

Lauri said that the transition to the new software would take place by stages, but not all developments of the old system had been documented, and therefore the structure of the old register was unclear. “This means that it was extremely difficult to predict all the reactions that would take place when the system was changed. Although tests were performed before the implementation of the second stage, all problems were not identified,” the Minister added.

Lauri said that the new Register of Buildings was built based on a different logic, which in its turn meant that people were not used to it and several new functions were still unfamiliar. “I was told that instruction materials have been prepared and more people have been hired to answer the helpline. There are people who specialise in communicating with larger users to solve their problems. Unfortunately, it has to be admitted that due to great discontent and a large number of queries, the capacity of the organisation to respond has been slower than usual. But they are doing all they can. I confronted the leadership who are managing the process, and they were really concerned,” the Minister said.

The Minister of Justice also replied to Annely Akkermann’s question about wind energy.

Prime Minister Kaja Kallas replied to Aivar Kokk’s questions about the situation in Estonia and the war refugees, Heiki Hepner’s question about Linnamäe hydroelectric power station, Tõnis Mölder’s question about democracy, as well as Margit Sutrop’s question about Estonian-language education, Peeter Ernits’s question about reducing VAT, Jaak Aab’s question about the fuel prices in the new heating period, Marika Tuus-Laul’s question about progressive income tax, and also Valdo Randpere’s question about the resignation of the President of the Riigikogu and Erki Savisaar’s question about nature protection.

Minister of Rural Affairs Urmas Kruuse replied to Peeter Ernits’s question about personnel policy, Heiki Hepner’s question about nature conservation compensations in forestry and Anti Poolamets’s question about the formation of the new Government.

The verbatim record of Question Time (in Estonian)

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