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The European Union Affairs Committee (EUAC) will confirm Estonia's position on the European Agenda on Migration on behalf of the Riigikogu on Friday. The Agenda concerns the reception of refugees, as well as other measures aimed at alleviating the situation in the Mediterranean area.

“The European Union Affairs Committee will discuss the position shaped by the government on the European Agenda on Migration, and will confirm Estonia’s position in this issue, taking into account the opinions of the Riigikogu committees,” said the Chairman of the EUAC Kalle Palling. “As an EU Member State, we are ready to help solve the problem of refugees but we can do it only as much as our situation and possibilities allow.”

A public hearing will start in the Riigikogu Conference Hall at 9 a.m. on the issue of European Agenda on Migration. Presentations will be made by migration expert Uku Särekanno, Chairman of the Estonian Refugee Council Eero Janson, and Executive Director of the Estonian Human Rights Centre Kari Käsper. Ambassador of Finland Kirsti Narinen, Ambassador of Italy Marco Clemente, and Ambassador of Greece Constantine Catsambis will speak about the experiences of their countries and the situation with receiving refugees. The Minister of the Interior Hanno Pevkur and the Head of the European Commission Representation in Estonia Hannes Rumm will participate in the public hearing.

The public hearing will be broadcast online.

At 11 a.m., the EUAC will discuss the position of the Government and the opinions of the Legal Affairs Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee, Social Affairs Committee, and Cultural Affairs Committee on the European Agenda on Migration. The Committee will shape Estonia’s position on the issue on behalf of the Riigikogu, and this should be the basis for the activities of the Government.

The sitting of the Committee will end in the Conference Hall around 1 p.m., and Estonia’s positions will be explained to the press by the Chairman of the EUAC Kalle Palling.

The Minister of the Interior Hanno Pevkur will represent Estonia’s positions on EU redistribution and relocation mechanisms at the meeting of EU Ministers of the Interior on 16 June. The European Council will be held in Brussels on 25–26 June, with the heads of state and heads of government discussing European migration policy.

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