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Today, the European Union Affairs Committee discussed reaching Estonia’s climate targets for 2020 and 2030 with the Minister of the Environment Rene Kokk.

The Chairman of the Committee Anneli Ott said that there have so far been three hearings at the Committee. “We have heard the thoughts of experts, entrepreneurs and representatives of the Ministry of the Environment on achieving carbon neutrality in Estonia. Based on what I have learned, I can confirm that Estonia is actively seeking ways to enhance the ambitiousness of the 2050 climate targets, together with the other European Union Member States, as well as looking for ways to agree on the activities for achieving these,” Ott said. The Government has scheduled the discussion on increasing Estonia’s climate ambitions for 3 October, and the consequent decisions will be forwarded to the committees of the Riigikogu for further debate, the Chairman added.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee Riina Sikkut said that at the national level, Estonia needs a clear plan on achieving the climate targets, which needs to be negotiated with all the parties. “We will in any case have international agreements, and a high price set for carbon emissions quota. In addition to energy policy, the Riigikogu could also focus its discussions on specific measures in agriculture, transport, forestry, and housing sector. We must take the socio-economic impact of all the changes into account,” Sikkut emphasised.

The European Union Affairs Committee started a series of parliamentary hearings this autumn in order to prepare a resolution with which Estonia would participate in the European Union negotiations on 2050 climate targets.

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