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The European Union Affairs Committee (EUAC) decided at its meeting today that Estonia prefers to end daylight saving time (DST) across the EU. If the current time regime is indeed changed and DST ended, the Committee supports retaining the summer time and keeping the approach similar across the EU.

“The public consultation is still ongoing; i.e. the EU citizens and Member States are asked whether they favour abandoning DST,” explained the Chairman of the EUAC Toomas Vitsut. “It would be more convenient for our trade relations if Estonia had the same time as our neighbours,” he added.

“Estonia should state as early and as clearly as possible which time regime we would prefer should the European Commission indeed decide to change the current regime based on the feedback from the Member States,” said member of the Committee Taavi Rõivas.

The EUAC is eager to see the European Commission promote cooperation among the Member States, and pointed out that trade, transport, information exchange and travelling would all benefit from the time regime being as uniform as possible.

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