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The European Union Affairs Committee (EUAC) supported the position of the government on allocating EUR 2.79 million to the Refugee Facility for Turkey. This opinion has previously been coordinated with the Finance Committee and the Foreign Affairs Committee.

The Chairman of the EUAC Kalle Palling emphasised that the funds transferred to the Facility would be distributed in Turkey by international humanitarian and aid organisations who have on-site experience in helping the refugees.

The total volume of the Facility is EUR 3 billion, 1 billion of which comes from the EU general budget, and 2 billion from the Member States. The latter contribute according to their share in financing the EU budget.

“The EU budget will not lose 2 billions,” Palling said. He stressed that these were additional funds and not used at the expense of any of the activities planned with the EU support.

This year, Estonia will make a single targeted payment of EUR 2.79 million to the EU budget. The sum has been calculated on the basis of Estonia’s share of the EU budget. Estonia will make the payment from the reserve meant for EU payments in the field of administration of the Ministry of Finance.

The agreement between the EU and Turkey means that the funds would be used over the course of four years to support the Syrians under temporary protection, and to manage the migration in a coordinated way, with the aim of solving the crisis.

One third of the humanitarian aid is meant for taking care of the basic needs of the refugees in camps. The bulk of the fund would be used for long-term activities to integrate refugees into the Turkish society through various educational and infrastructural measures, such as ensuring access to water and elementary living conditions for the refugees.

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