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At its today's sitting, the European Union Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) supported the package of measures targeted to support the agriculture sector. The total budget of the package is 500 million euro. The Member States of the EU will present their views on dividing the aid package at the meeting of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council tomorrow, on 15 September.

“The situation in the dairy and pork sector of Estonia has become worryingly complicated during the last two years. Hopefully the Estonian farmers and milk producers will soon get extraordinary aid that should compensate the difference between the market price and the production price to the producers,” Chairman of the European Union Affairs Committee Kalle Palling said.

The European Commission is planning to separate extraordinary direct payments to dairy and meat sector and private storage plans in the aid package. In order to tackle supply chain challenges, the Commission is planning to lay greater emphasis on financial instruments and loans. The Commission also attaches importance to the social aspect, for example, by taking into account the needs caused by immigration, contributing to food aid and supporting school schemes.

At the meeting of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council on 15 September, Estonia’s positions will be presented by the Minister of Rural Affairs Urmas Kruuse.

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