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At today’s sitting of the European Union Affairs Committee, the members of the Committee decided to support the proposal of Chairman of the Committee Marko Mihkelson to have a closer look at the current state and perspectives of Via Baltica and Rail Baltica projects and the issues of trans-European transport networks on a wider scale. It was recognised that the flight restrictions which had begun the week before had revealed the limitations of alternative possibilities for travelling to Estonia as well as out of Estonia.

“In the lack of direct flight connections, offering as scarce possibilities as they are, isolation of the Estonian land transport infrastructure from central Europe is being revealed sharply. This in its turn restricts the development of our economic capacity and has the most direct impact on creation of jobs,” said Mihkelson, when commenting his proposal.

The Committee is planning to meet officials of the relevant ministries, agencies and the respective structures of the European Commission.
The Riigikogu Press Service