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The Head of the Riigikogu delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Sven Sester and member Heljo Pikhof are taking part in the Winter Meeting of the Assembly this week in Vienna. The focus will be on resolving drawn-out conflicts, the impact of climate change on security, and multilateral cooperation on human rights.

The head of the delegation Sven Sester hopes to use the opportunity of the Winter Meeting to develop common positions in major issues together with the Baltic states and the Nordic countries, which would ensure security in the region as a whole. “Estonia is a small country, which is why it is important to cooperate with the NB8 format countries and find a common ground in the work of the Assembly,” he added.

Member of the delegation Heljo Pikhof remarked that the focus topics of the Meeting include combating anti-Semitism, discrimination and intolerance, and cooperating in human rights. “We will definitely be sharing the experiences of countries on ways to reduce hatred, and discuss solutions that could support the fight against human rights breaches,” Pikhof said.

Members of the Riigikogu take part in the work of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly General Committee on Political Affairs and Security, the General Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions, and the General Committee on Economic Affairs, Science, Technology and Environment. 

The 19th Winter Meeting of the Assembly will discuss, among other things, the efficient usage of OSCE funds for solving long-term conflicts and increasing the role of the members of the parliament. Heads of observation missions will present to the three Committees their reports on the recent elections in Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan.

The Committees will also hear at their meetings ideas and draft resolutions for the Annual Session in Vancouver in July. There will also be bilateral meetings, topical side events, and discussions.

The main aim of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is to involve its participating states more in the resolution of European political and security issues in order to enhance civilian control over military issues and to increase the responsibility and influence of members of parliament.

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